Silk scarf is one of the most popular fashion accessories across the world today. People prefer having a silk stole handy to use it for a number of purposes like wrapping around or using it as a hair tie. Made out of the purest silk, Silk Scarf will help you leaving a lasting impression on others. No matter what you wear, drape a silk scarf and people won’t take their eyes off you. Fashionist go for a lightweight and sleek look of silk when choosing their next spring and summer scarf! The vibrant colors and designs of Silk Scarf are carefully chosen by experts to provide our customers with something unique and worthy. Don’t forget to Silk Scarf to your outfit whether it is a formal event or family get-together. We offer these valuable scarves at industry leading rates.


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Silk Scarf is a great way to enhance your everyday look. Made of hand woven silk, this scarf is soft and very lightweight.

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Dimensions 180 × 55 cm


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