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Silk Crepe Scarf

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The crepe finish adds a bit of interest and has a more subtle sheen. These are very popular with folks who are looking to dye or paint something nicer, but still very affordable. Baba Black Sheep printed Silk Crepe scarves have a sandy feel, flowing and can go well with western as well as oriental dresses. These 100% silk scarves are hand rolled hemmed available in size - 55x180 cm. This is a popular fabric for scarves. The weave is a type of Crepe weave that is flatter on the surface, making it smoother for painting than Crepe, shinier than Habotai, but not as shiny as Satin.

When it comes to giving away your best, have a silk scarf crepe around your neck and people won't take their eyes off you. This particular range has been quite popular among people since years. You will find them in exotic color combinations and unmatched designs. Perfect for parties and formal events, this scarf will make you look elegant and smart. Baba Black Sheep received ample appreciation from our customers for this range.

As usual, we keep a thorough tab on the material and quality of fabrics used. What keeps us ahead of our compeers is our association with some of the most reliable industry experts. We design each and every piece with precision and love. This designer stole around your neck is enough to enhance your appearance extensively.
At Baba Black Sheep, we do not compromise on quality. Our designers create trendy scarves giving a traditional touch which makes them the most popular ones in the industry.

So pick a piece of crepe scarf from our jaw-dropping range and leave a lasting impression on others.

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